BPO Industry

A leading supplier of business process  service and data service solutions in China.

Founder International BPO branch, a global leading supplier of business process services,  provides KPO (knowledge Process Outsourcing) and CDS(Content Digitalization Service) solutions. Our group is composed of senior industry experts, process experts, technical specialists, and a professional data service team over 1,000 people. Supported by independent IT techniques, we provide onshore and offshore data and voice services for digital publishing, financial, healthcare, e-government, logistics and express industries.

Typical Solutions

KPO ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

Books Digitalization Solution
Newspaper Digitalization Solution
Ancient Books Digitalization Solution
Archives Digitalization Solution

BPO(Business Process Outsourcing)

Underwriting, Claim, and Customer Service Process for insurance companies
Document processing and EDI for logistics and Express companies
Credit card approval, Accounting Voucher and Process banking services for banks
Medical and health records, revenue cycle management, and Disease Coding services for health industry
Typical Cases

KPO ( Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

China Digital Library
National Project “China Characters Bank”
National Digital Compound Publishing System Project Standard
General Administration of Press and Publication “CCP Ideological and Theoretical
Resources Database and Dissemination Project” (People’s Publishing House)
Local Chronicles (Ancient Books) Digital Project of National Library
News Data Platform Project of General Administration of Customs of the PRC
Digital Archives Project of State Taxation Administration
Ancient Books Digitalization and Application Platform Project of Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion Museum
Digital Publishing Project of Science Press
Digital Maps Project of Zhejiang Library

BPO(Business Process Outsourcing)

Documents processing for the biggest domestic express company
Back-office business processing for the one of the largest domestic banks
Regional Healthcare Records processing for the eastern of China
Underwriting and customer service process for a famous JV insurance company

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